Community Health

TASC works with communities and families to help create conditions where individuals can grow and thrive.


Child Welfare

TASC serves families in which children have been removed from parental custody because of maltreatment related to substance abuse. Our services reduce foster care costs and increase children’s placement in stable living situations.

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Healthcare Coordination

TASC coordinates healthcare access for low-income families.  We provide service network management, linkage to healthcare, and ongoing care coordination in communities where there are distinct population needs (e.g., pregnant women, infants, high-risk children, and HIV-positive individuals). Through active outreach and engagement, TASC assesses needs, makes referrals to appropriate health and social services, offers ongoing reassessment and referrals, and provides advocacy and community education.

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Recovery Support

Recovery support services play a vital role in ensuring that TASC’s adult and youth clients maintain long-term recovery.  Whether through referrals to supports in the community or by encouraging individuals to participate in recovery support groups, TASC recognizes the value of recovery-oriented care and strives to support improved health and wellness for all our clients.

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Prevention and Education

In addition to our Child Welfare and Healthcare Coordination programs and services, we also promote strategies to interrupt systemic and generational cycles of drug use and justice system involvement. In partnership with communities and groups across Illinois and nationally, we participate in activities that support prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery from addiction, mental health conditions, and related health issues.

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