Criminal Justice

Our flagship programs are designed to deflect men and women away from criminal justice involvement and direct them towards responsible, healthy behavior the community.


Alternatives to Incarceration

We advocate for defendants with nonviolent charges to be diverted into appropriate community-based services and supervision, including treatment for substance use and mental health issues when needed. As the cornerstone of our mission, TASC strives to prevent the unnecessary and expensive incarceration of defendants who have substance use or mental health concerns and who are charged with nonviolent offenses. Our aim is to stop cycles of addiction, crime, and incarceration by helping individuals become, and remain, drug-free and crime-free.

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Corrections and Community Reentry

We help men and women who are transitioning from incarceration to the community.  As an advocate for responsible reentry and as a designated program for the State, TASC provides case management services for substance-involved individuals released from the Illinois Department of Corrections.

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Adults: Alternatives to Incarceration

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Diversion from Prosecution

Screening, Assessment, and Referral