Clinical Pre-Release and Reentry Services

TASC works in collaboration with the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) to provide a range of services for men and women being released from Illinois prisons. Based on TASC’s clinical expertise and pursuant to Illinois administrative rule (Title 20, Section 470.80), TASC is designated to conduct substance abuse assessments and make treatment recommendations and referrals for IDOC. TASC has provided clinical reentry case management services in Illinois for IDOC since 1993.

Individuals in the criminal justice system, and particularly those who have been incarcerated in state prison, represent an especially complex and challenging population in terms of service needs. In comparison to other individuals who come in contact with government systems, those in the justice system are more likely to demonstrate serious substance use and mental health disorders, and they often have a host of additional behavioral and social health risks. To increase post-release stability and self-sufficiency, and to decrease offenders’ likelihood of recidivism, there is a need for the deliberate management of services to align with the mandates of corrections and parole.

At selected state prisons, TASC provides pre-release services to assist clients in developing reentry plans and connections to community resources. These services are offered at Decatur, Graham, Logan, Sheridan, Southwestern Illinois, and the Crossroads Adult Transition Centers (ATCs).

At the Sheridan Correctional Center and Southwestern Illinois Correctional Center, which are specifically designated as prison drug treatment and community reentry programs, TASC case managers provide assessments and connections to substance abuse treatment, mental health services, housing support, education, job training, emergency food and shelter, primary healthcare, and transportation. These programs serve as national models for reducing drug use and recidivism.

Upon release from these institutions, TASC provides placement into community-based rehabilitative services and clinical reentry management as former offenders navigate the complex transition from supervision to community reintegration and self-sufficiency. Our continued case management services help reduce recidivism, support recovery, encourage productive self-sufficiency, and maintain long-term public safety.



TASC offers pre-release and reentry services for individuals who are eligible according to IDOC criteria and who are being released from one of the following institutions: Decatur, Graham, Logan, Sheridan, Southwestern Illinois (SWICC), or the Crossroads Adult Transition Centers (ATCs).


TASC’s Role

TASC serves clients at critical junctures during and after their incarceration. Inside the institutions, TASC provides pre-release services to assist clients in developing reentry plans and connections to community resources. After individuals are released from prison, TASC provides case management and follow-through to ensure that clients engage in the services they need and successfully reintegrate into their communities.


Primary Funder(s)

Illinois Department of Corrections



Crossroads ATC, and IDOC Parole District 1 – Angela Daniels

Decatur, Graham, Logan, and IDOC Parole Districts 3 and 4 – Deana Elmore

Sheridan and IDOC Parole District 2 – Millicent Lewis-McCoy

Menard, Southwestern Illinois (SWICC), and IDOC Parole District 5 – Brad Bullock

Did You Know?

Individuals who successfully complete drug treatment in the Sheridan and Southwestern Illinois Correctional Centers, as well as aftercare services in the community, are at least 44% less likely to return prison within three years. Together, these two programs save the state $5 million per year in reduced incarceration costs.