Family Recovery and Reunification Program

Under the leadership of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), TASC’s Family Recovery and Reunification Program (also known as the Recovery Coach Program) helps families in which children have been removed from their custody of one or both parents because of substance-related maltreatment. The program aims to engage parents in treatment and other services they need to achieve recovery and family unity, including parenting classes, individual or family counseling, and assistance with housing and employment. The goal of the program is to reunify families when the parents can provide a safe and drug-free home for their children.

Operating in three Illinois Counties (beginning in Cook County in 2000, and expanding to Madison and St. Clair Counties in 2007), the Family Recovery and Reunification Program is funded through a Title IV-E waiver granted to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.



To be eligible for this program, individuals must:

  • reside within Cook, Madison, or St. Clair counties

  • be parents 18 years of age or older

  • be parents with a child or children removed from custody due to allegations of neglect or abuse with substance use issues

  • not have a mental health issue that has been diagnosed as severe

In addition, referrals must be within 6 months from shelter care.


TASC’s Role

TASC recovery coaches conduct active outreach to parents in community settings to facilitate access to addiction treatment services and other supports. Through our intensive case management services in this program, we engage, retain, and re-engage (when necessary) parents in treatment, and partner with DCFS and service providers to monitor and ensure client progress. TASC makes recommendations regarding family reunification, and continues case management after the court has made its decisions regarding permanency. In Cook County, recovery coaches work with the Juvenile Court Assessment Program (JCAP), which provides substance use assessments and initial referrals to treatment for families identified as being substance-involved at the time of their temporary custody hearings or within 180 days, as well as with child welfare case workers and treatment providers. In St. Clair and Madison Counties, the TASC Court Assessment Project (TCAP) conducts substance use assessments and makes treatment recommendations for parents referred by judges, attorneys, and case workers.


Primary Funder

Illinois Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS)



Cook County: Jean Mays

Madison and St. Clair Counties: Joe Jackson

Did You Know?

The Family Recovery and Reunification Program (aka "Recovery Coach Program") saved the State of Illinois more than $6 million between 2000 and 2012. (Source: Ryan & Huang, 2012)

Children whose parents participated in the program were 21% more likely to be reunited with their parents, and they were half as likely to be involved later with the juvenile justice system.

Parents who received TASC recovery coach services showed higher rates of treatment participation and completion.

For additional data on the program’s success, please see summary of the program evaluation conducted by the University of Illinois School of Social Work.

Counties Served

  • Cook
  • Madison
  • St. Clair