HealthWorks is a program that ensures that quality health services are provided to children in the legal care and custody of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) in Marshall or Peoria counties. This collaborative effort between DCFS, the Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS), and TASC enables all wards of DCFS to receive pediatric care and health screenings in accordance with American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines.

The HealthWorks program features:

  • a network of doctors to provide well-child exams, sick visits and referrals to specialists

  • tracking and collecting documentation of well-child exams, immunizations, dental/vision/hearing screenings and hospital visits

  • information services and referrals to programs and assistance

  • education for young parents on their children’s health and development during pregnancy and the first five years after birth

  • linkage with community resources to help foster independence



This program is designed for DCFS wards aged 0-21 who are in the legal care and custody of DCFS and in substitute care in Peoria and Marshall counties.


TASC’s Role

As medical case managers for the HealthWorks program,

TASC provides children in the custody of DCFS and their substitute caregivers with resources and services to guide children’s healthy development.

Our primary role is to arrange pediatric check-ups and coordinate medical care for children aged 0-5, in alignment with standards established by the American Academy of Pediatrics. For children aged 6-21, TASC maintains their medical files until the children are returned home, adopted, or reach age 21, and we serve as a resource to the DCFS case workers and foster parents or substitute caregivers. In addition, we maintain a network of providers to meet the healthcare needs of wards, and we educate caregivers about immunization guidelines and well-child exams.


Primary Funder

Illinois Department of Children and Family Services



Peoria and Marshall Counties: Shundra Parker

Did You Know?

Unfortunately, children in substitute care are often moved from one home to another. Along with ensuring children’s medical care, a key purpose of the HealthWorks program is to maintain a central medical file on each child with documentation of exams, screenings, immunizations, and health records. This allows children to receive ongoing and appropriate health care even if their living situations change.

Counties Served

  • Marshall
  • Peoria