Oak Park Community Mental Health Board (CMHB): Strive for Success Program

The Strive for Success program was implemented in October 2013 through a collaborative with TASC and the Oak Park Community Mental Health Board (CMHB). Strive for Success is a comprehensive individualized, multicultural, community-based care coordination program that reinforces the system of care available to minority Oak Park residents. The purpose of the initiative is to ensure that targeted Oak Park minority youth and families receive formal and informal support and services in their communities through a structured care program. TASC oversees this care coordination program, and has expanded outreach to individuals and service partners to address the distinct needs of a growing high-risk youth population.

Goals of the Strive for Success program include: 1) integrating culturally-relevant services for youth/families in Oak Park School District 97; 2) facilitating new partnerships with community service providers and stakeholders to ensure a continuity of care for high-risk minority youth and their families; and 3) engaging residents as community connectors to actively conduct outreach and promote system resources.



To address the identified gaps in service in the Oak Park Community, the CMHB funding mandates that participants be minority youth and their families in School District 97 and reside in Oak Park Township at the time of service delivery.


TASC’s Role

TASC provides daily care coordination/client navigation activities to youth and families with mental health and/or behavioral health needs. Staff deliver culturally relevant assessments, crisis intervention, care management, client advocacy, ongoing outreach and follow-up services. We are responsible for bringing services, agencies, resources and other stakeholders together to assist clients in achieving established goals.

TASC’s Care Coordinator also serves as the neutral one-stop source for Oak Park Township families to access current health resources information.


Primary Funder(s)

Oak Park Community Mental Health Board (708 Board)



Anthony Harden

Counties Served

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