Prison Substance Abuse Screening & Treatment Assignment

In four IDOC Reception and Classification (R & C) centers (Graham, Logan, Menard and Stateville), TASC provides substance abuse screening and assessment services, including recommendations for placement into prison-based treatment programs. These services match incoming offenders who have alcohol and drug problems with treatment programs appropriate to their individual levels of need. Left untreated, addictive disorders often are contributing factors to recidivism.



Individuals may be eligible to receive prison-based treatment if they meet Illinois Department of Corrections criteria and if they are deemed in need of treatment. Determination of treatment need is based on the use of a standardized substance use screening tool developed by Texas Christian University’s Institute of Behavioral Research.

Offenders are ineligible for prison-based treatment if they have a past or current arrest or conviction for murder, past or current arrest or conviction for a sex offense, active warrant, pending case, or severe mental illness.


TASC’s Role

TASC provides screening to identify which clients meet clinical criteria for treatment, manages treatment capacity, and manages wait lists as treatment slots become available in various institutions.


Primary Funder(s)

Illinois Department of Corrections



Graham and Logan R & C –  Deana Elmore

Menard R & C – Brad Bullock

Northern R & C (Stateville)  – Millicent Lewis-McCoy

Did You Know?

More than half of people entering state prisons meet the diagnostic criteria for drug dependence or abuse.

Counties Served

  • Logan
  • Montgomery
  • Randolph
  • Will