Youth Pre- and Post-Release Services

In partnership with the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice (IDJJ), TASC works with Illinois Youth Centers (IYC) to help young people remain drug-free and crime-free upon release from juvenile facilities across the state. The goal is to help young women and men address any pending reentry issues that may present challenges in successful completion of parole. In addition, youth in need of behavioral health treatment and reentry supports are provided supportive and continuous case management to help redirect their lives away from further substance use and involvement in the justice system.

The TASC Reentry Program at IYC-Chicago delivers pre-release sessions to all youth prior to their Parole Board Presentations. Ongoing, post-release case management services are provided to all youth returning to Cook, Lake, Will and Winnebago Counties, and TASC reports client progress to IDJJ Aftercare Specialists. Family engagement is also a critical function of the TASC Reentry Program, and this process begins while youth are in IYC-Chicago and continues once youth return to their communities.



To be eligible for the TASC Reentry Program at IYC-Chicago, youth must be within 90 days of Parole Board Review and community reentry.


TASC’s Role

TASC works with IYC-Chicago to help young men prepare for their transitions into the community. We offer support and advocacy to youth and their families in school enrollment and community engagement. TASC staff conducts a series of pre-release Circle session on relevant topics designed to engage youth in open dialogue and peer sharing. Our post-release case management identifies support systems in the community, and ensures that youth and their families have ongoing support. TASC also provides healthcare enrollment support and assistance with obtaining vital documents and transportation, as well as optional family peace circles. Staff monitor youth and report on their progress to IDJJ Aftercare Specialists throughout program participation.


Primary Funder

Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (now the Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery, or SUPR)
Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice (via Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority)



Anthony Harden

Counties Served

  • Cook
  • Lake
  • Will
  • Winnebago